5 Benefits of Creating Multiple Freebies

June 9, 2021

Web Design


worksheet freebie example

Have you ever noticed that most websites have pop up windows or a dedicated area of the site for visitors to get access to additional offers, freebies, etc in exchange for your email address? Well it’s not by coincidence! In fact, businesses use these tactics to take visitors on a methodical buyer’s journey. They use these freebies (also known as lead magnets or opt-ins) to pull in prospective customers and build their email list. Some examples of freebies may include downloadables checklists, workbooks, free trials, etc. 

There are tons of platforms (Flodesk, MailChimp, MailerLite, Convert Kit, Active Campaign) available to help you deliver the content. However, it’s important to note that there are several benefits of having multiple freebies available to your audience.  So let’s get into the reasons why you should integrate this concept into your businesses.

1) Generate More Leads

As mentioned before, freebies are a great way to generate leads and boost your overall business. When it’s done right, offering a freebie can build trust and help you reach a whole new group of potential customers. Plus people love free stuff!

Typically website visitors must provide their contact information (i.e. name and email address) in exchange for the freebie. Then from there, the visitor receives the content and they’re automatically added to a welcome email funnel that fills them with tons of valuable information about the product/service your business provides. This is one more extra way for you to demonstrate your knowledge and get to know–especially if you’re a small business owner. Once they begin to know, like and trust you, they’ll go from being a cold lead, to warm, and eventually HOT.

2) Nurture Current Leads and Past Clients.

It’s sometimes easy to forget existing clients need nurturing when they regularly buy or interact with your business. This is a great way to introduce new products to them, gather feedback, and more. Engaging with your current leads and past clients allows them to feel seen. It also allows your business to stay top of mind. So they’ll quickly think of you when it comes time for them to need your product/service again or if they learn about someone else who needs it.

3) Assist in Positioning You as an Expert

It’s ideal to be seen as an expert, even before people know anything about you. When you’re knowledgeable on a certain topic, you’re more likely to be trusted by the masses. Therefore producing multiple pieces of content around a specific subject can assist with how people perceive you, but also assist in your overall marketing plan. The more content you have the better because people will see you as an expert in the particular field/subject. This will in turn lead to more sales and maybe even speaking opportunities such as webinars, keynotes, courses etc.

4) Enhances Your Digital Discoverability

Each piece of content can serve as a standalone tool that can drive more traffic to your website and be good for SEO purposes. This will help get your business/brand out there, and increases the chances for people organically finding you. Having a freebie that your customers can take with them is also just a great compliment to your blog, social media presence, etc. Use those other channels to drive traffic to the new piece of content.

5) Repurposed for Other Things

That free downloadable can be used in multiple ways and served to your audience on different platforms. Just think about it. People consume information in various ways whether it’s reading blogs, watching youtube videos, scrolling on social media, etc. Different types of freebies can be suited for different types of people.  For example, you may offer an ebook teaching someone how to do something on your website, but then share the same content on your IGTV.

Perhaps you’re a service provider looking to create products. Maybe a collection of your past freebies can be used as a foundation to sell something bigger. All you have to do is dig a little deeper, consolidate information, repackage, and sell it as a course/ebook/etc. There are numerous ways to upcycle your content to your base audience. The opportunities are endless!

I hope this gives you new ideas and ways to be strategic with your business. It really is okay to give and receive sometimes. The numbers and reviews will reflect positively, that is something you can be sure of!