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ditch hit-or-miss brand strategies that don’t attract the ideal clients they
want to serve

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Are you struggling to communicate your value effectively so you can finally get paid what you’re worth?

• If you’re not sure how to find and land your ideal customer…

• If you’re lost in translation on what your foundational messaging is…

• If you’re sick of throwing spaghetti at the wall and are already for a step-by-step brand strategy method…

• Even if you’re NEW to entrepreneurial endeavors or are rebranding…

• Even if you don’t have any sales or marketing experience…

You know it’s time to be PROACTIVE instead of reactionary and inconsistent.


• Maybe you should just keep doing things the same way, over and over, and HOPING for the best. That’ll work, right? 

• Is it even possible to cut through the noise online and stand above your competition?

• Is it even possible to zero in on your target audience?

I'm ready for change!

what if

You could nail your brand magic + reel in your ideal customer?

You could find your niche and feel at home in your desired market?

You knew exactly how to talk to the people you want to work with, armed with what makes them tick?

You could clearly articulate your value and have your ideal customers begging to work with you?

What if you had a “ready-to-go” resource that you could hand off to a designer or copywriter and they would have EVERYTHING they needed to help you create the content and resources you need?

You just want to offer outstanding service to exceptional folks and get paid what you’re worth to do it! 

You’re beyond ready to catapult your brand into higher earnings and establish yourself as the brilliant provider you are!


the brand strategy master course

A step-by-step method to establish a brand strategy that will connect you with your target audience.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to wonder where all the customers are hiding!

Imagine a world where you’re confident in your brand messaging and identity!

✓ Identify Your Target Audience
✓ Establish Your Brand Foundations
✓ Confidently Aim For Your Ideal Customer 
✓ Visualize + Formulate Your Brand Goals


yes, i need this!

✓ Start making your messaging make sense!

✓ Create a brand identity that makes your customers feel inspired and empowered!

✓ Plant your brand foundations so you can grow your business! 

Are you ready to stop the guesswork and start the SUCCESS WORK?! 

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Here's what you'll learn:

Module 1

welcome to the brand strategy playbook

what you'll learn

Understand how to successfully navigate the course and access supporting files.

Module 2


what you'll learn

Establish their business objectives and overall goals.

Module 3

Conduct Market Research on Your Competitors

what you'll learn

Find your gap! Determine your value proposition and ideal market position by conducting targeted market research.

Module 4

Conduct Market Research on Your Target Audience

what you'll learn

Create an ideal client avatar by breaking down the intended target audience: how to best serve them, analyze their pain points, evaluate effective solutions, and how to leverage what they value to create a connection.

Module 5

Analyze Your Findings

what you'll learn

Evaluate the data from competitive analysis and your ideal audience to determine your brand foundation.

Module 6

Craft Your Foundations, Messaging, and Story

what you'll learn

Develop your brand foundation: Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Learn how to effectively tell your brand story!

Module 7

Create Your Brand Magic

what you'll learn

Fully grasp the connection of brand messaging, brand visuals, and emotional engagement. This is where you create the brand magic that will attract your ideal customer!

Module 8

Outline Your Touchpoints

what you'll learn

Determine your most effective touchpoints (i.e social media, website, newsletter, etc.) and the best way to share with your audience.

Module 9

Evaluate & Tweak Brand Strategy

what you'll learn

Determine a plan for reviewing metrics/results and incorporating changes in an effort to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and sales.

Module 10

wrap up!

what you'll learn

Walk away with a “ready-to-go” resource to hand off to designers, copywriters, etc. who can help you bring your brand magic to life!

This is your chance to take a step-by-step journey!

NO MORE trying to figure it all out on your own.
NO MORE hit or miss attempts, your wall is already covered in spaghetti.
NO MORE missing out on the gigs you want!

NO MORE reactive, too late methods that don’t get you where you want to be.

YOU CAN DO IT! And The Brand Strategy Playbook Master Course can help!

I'm ready to get started!

The Brains Behind The Brand Strategy Playbook Master Course: Teaira Abston!


Teaira started as a new and shiny entrepreneur, just like you! In her previous company, she designed custom stationery for weddings and events. It was such a fun space for her to grow and thrive!

But in 2019, her priorities changed. Her business goals were different and she needed room to take off! It was time to shift focus onto something even greater. 

Teaira is a multi-talented creative visionary and owner of Dreamcatcher Creative Studio where her brand magic is your branding and web design. 

She’s helped numerous service-based businesses establish cohesive brand identities that attract and convert ideal customers into dreamy clients using focused brand strategy and powerful visuals!

Whether you’re a new brand just learning the ropes or an established business that needs a revamp, before you make all the pretty and shiny content, you must first establish your brand strategy! 

Friends, you don’t have to keep stabbing in the dark, hoping to eventually catch something that works. 

learn from teaira

Here’s What Success is Saying!

Other brands that have been led through this same strategic brand planning have come out on top!

“Teaira laid out an extraordinarily high-level plan of my next steps that gave me the confidence to move forward with my passion.” 

- Tiffany P.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different from your one-on-one brand strategy session?

This course provides you with the tools you need to actively assess your strategy and teaches you how to do it yourself for a fraction of the cost. I provide you with the framework in a series of modules so that you can learn it at your own pace versus a brand strategy session in which I do the full on strategy for you.

How do I know if this course is for me?

Simple, this course is for you if you’re a new or seasoned service based business owner that wants to ensure your brand foundation is intact prior to branding or rebranding. It’s perfect if you’re struggling with articulating your value proposition, connecting with your ideal customer, and meeting sales goals.

What if I need additional assistance?

If you need additional assistance, you are more than welcome to book one-on-one consulting. Power Hour: Clarity Calls are perfect should you need additional questions answered or guidance on any material covered.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product being digital, there will be no refunds given. You are guaranteed to walk away with a proven framework that will assist you in building a sustainable brand.

How long do I have access to the course?

You’re provided with 6 month of access to the course modules, and the bonuses are yours to keep!

Let’s master your brand strategy and build up your business!

In The Brand Strategy Playbook Master Course, you’ll get these exclusive bonuses:

The complete Brand Strategy Playbook to help you execute this step-by-step method + have a “ready to go” brand reference!

($2,500 VALUE!)

A Roadmap to Branding Guide that includes checklists and worksheets on track with all your planning!

($400 VALUE!)

A Brand Term Quick Guide that teaches you all the terms you need to be familiar with when branding/rebranding.

($297 VALUE!)

A discounted rate on a 60-minute POWER HOUR strategy call with Teaira to provide extra clarity!

($397 VALUE!)

**Access to a complimentary Q&A call for anyone that registers by May 31, 2022

($197 VALUE!)

“I knew all the things to do, but this course broke them down in a way that was attainable, not threatening, allowed me room for grace, and therefore enabled me to EXECUTE!”

- Carmellita T.

When you reach the end of The Brand Strategy Master Course, you will…

✓ End branding confusion!

✓ Comprehensively understand your ideal customer.

✓ Craft messaging that attracts your target audience. 

✓ Clearly articulate your brand identity and your value!

✓ Know what step you need to take next and have a clear path to achieve your goals!

The Brand Strategy Playbook Master Course isn’t JUST a course

It’s Your Playbook!

Students will walk away with a “ready-to-go” resource that you can hand off to a designer or copywriter and they would have EVERYTHING they needed to help you bring your brand magic to life!

Normally, this kind of targeted, custom strategy design would cost THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS. 

But Teaira is practically giving it away for only $797!

If you landed the next ideal customer you talked to…

One who was drawn to you by well-executed brand identity…

What would they pay you? 

And then what about the next one that follows? Maybe it was a referral from the first!

What would that one pay you?

If you’re wondering if the investment is worth it…

that’s what you’ll learn to do in The Brand Strategy Master Course!

spots are limited so register now!

The only way to land your ideal customer is to first be what they’re looking for

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“Teaira really helped me with my vision for my small business. I loved how Teaira is very detail-oriented and I will most definitely work with her again.”

- tameika r.

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STOP pretending “it’s good enough” when you’re still not making what you’re worth.

STOP trying to figure it all out on your own. 

STOP faking it with inconsistent attempts and half-baked “strategies” you saw on YouTube.

CREATE the brand your target audience craves and JOIN NOW!